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The solution to satisfying your cravings
both physically and mentally.
When Science and Beauty interact
causing complete rejuvenation.

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We’re about to add to your daily routine. We’ve found the perfect solution to keeping your guilty pleasures like Coffee and Chocolate rolling on for the remainder of the day. Oh and it’s beneficial? Scroll down to find out how we’ve managed to mix science with beauty.

Bored of the same old? So were we.
So get this…

The wash we provide is more of an experience. From aroma to sensation, you’ll be yearning for
a chance to wash your hair again once you experience the results.

The Science is simple.

Four active ingredients that power instant success
when it comes to beautiful natural looking hair.

Cocoa Bean Extract

Cocoa Bean Extract is commonly known for vastly improving your bodies
health. The extract fights against high blood pressure, increases blood flow and
lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke. What’s not talked about enough
is how because it is rich in Polyphenols, a natural occurring antioxidant
found in Chocolate, it not only improves your mood instantly, it influences your hair health and growth pattern. Increasing blood flow to the scalp, it
strengthens follicles to prevent hair loss. Nobody likes losing hair, which
is why it was a priority of ours to base our Chocolate Shampoo, Conditioner
and Treatment around those benefits.

Pure Arabica Beans

Arabica Bean Extract are cultivated mainly in Latin America, Eastern Africa and Asia and best known for being the highest quality species of coffee. This rich antioxidant helps you stay alert and focused. Thus, stimulating and energizing dull and lifeless hair back to life. Our 100% pure extract penetrates the core of the root to improve hair structure and growth. Don’t settle for limp looking hair. Wake it up and smell the coffee. Your hair will thank you.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry also known as AMLA, born from a tree that grows in India, The Middle East and Southeast Asia for thousands of years. It is the most important medicinal plant in the world and best known for its anti-aging benefits. A natural source of Vitamin C, producing collagen protein for hair growth, both volume and length by replacing dead hair cells and restoring new hair cells. Naturally, it was a must to use in our formula.


Mint is a reliable calming and soothing herb that is extremely effective to prevent dandruff and aid in clearing your scalp. Its healing properties stimulate starved blood flow to hair follicles by increasing circulation and minimizing hair loss. Its cool tingly sensation leaves your hair feeling renewed and refreshed. Combined exclusively with our chocolate haircare collection for an insatiable
scent of chocolate mint. Yes, you can over indulge. Why? Because it’s loaded with benefits and has 0 calories.

Feel what you

and Feed Your Hair. The science behind our formula is designed to work with your own skin chemistry. Reverse stressed hair with the very first wash. If you’re stressed, your scalp is too and with our fast paced life, we could use a haircare system that reduces our stress level by having clean confident looking hair. Our professional grade haircare revitalizes and nourishes on contact. Its unique blend of nutrients and vitamins protects, shields and fights unwanted toxins so you can enjoy a spa like experience with every cleanse. For ultimate results. Lather up, scrub, massage hair and scalp thoroughly. Rinse and repeat.

Eliminate Hair Loss

Eliminate Tangled Hair / Bed Head

Promote Hair Growth

Eliminate Dry Scalp / Dandruff

For Men and Women.
All Hair Types.


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